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Reiki With Amanda J

An energetic solution to support wellness, boost immunity, and give emotional support.

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What Is

Reiki is generally described as a hands-on energy healing system, which was re-discovered in the early 1900s by the Japanese scholar Mikao Usui. The energy is usually transmitted by placing the hands on or near to a client but can also work from a distance. Reiki works by stimulating the body's innate healing abilities to tackle physical ailments, working on many levels; physical, mental, and emotional.
Reiki works as an aid to relaxation and can reduce stress, harmonising the body and mind. It can have a marvellous detoxifying effect, clearing blocked energy and accumulated toxins from diet and the environment.
Reiki is not affiliated with a particular religion; it will work whatever your personal belief system is about.

Who is Reiki suitable for?

Everyone can benefit from reiki; people with acute illnesses, chronic illness, fertility issues, mental health or just to maintain and support your wellness.

How Can I Book A Reiki Treatment?

Find out more about how reiki can help you by arranging a consultation. Book your reiki treatment now via my booking page or learn more by filling in the contact form below.

COVID-19 Measures

I will regularly update these procedures to make sure I can fully comply with government guidelines. Anyone showing any symptoms related to COVID-19 or those having been in contact with infected people or if a household member is quarantined will be refused treatment.

  • face masks to be worn during the treatment by myself and the client.

  • no food or drinks to be consumed in the treatment room

  • regular sanitisation of toilets throughout the day

  • treatment couches to be disinfected before and after use

  • hands-off treatments or compulsory wearing of gloves when touching bare skin

  • all exercises can be done hands-off or by distance if preferred by the client

  • no use of blankets

  • disposable covers for pillows

  • provision of hand-sanitisers 


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